Name Wood-Elves
Dominions Greatwood Forest, Pinewood Forest, Oakwood Forest, Greenwood Forest, Albaia, Sçotinis
Languages Elvish
Height 4.5-5.6 Feet
Skin Color Pale White
Hair Color Blonde, Silver, Red, Orange, Brown
Lifespan 8,000 years
Distinctions Wise, Beautiful, Agile, Slim,

Wood-Elves are a race of skilled and wise people that commonly live within the great forests of Amsnorth. They are not as populated as the other races, but they are widely known across the lands, with them being the only other race except the humans to have a monarch.

These elves are one of the three other types of their kind, and are regarded as being the most beautiful out of their kin. They are the smallest out of the others, and much more agile and slender than the others. Wood-Elves have played a part in almost ever war in history, and are the only race, other than the humans to have a monarchy.

Being the longest lived mortal race, they can live up to the age of 8,000 years old. This may appear long to most folk, but to them it is normal. 


Wood-elves were the third race to be born within Amsnorth, the first being the dragons and second the nimidorians. It is said that they were created to give the forests and wilderness of Amsnorth life. 

Due to their times spent within the forests, they have adapted to their surroundings and are often seen wearing clothing to fit that of their homes. Throughout history they have been a major race in crafting and building the world. They are the only other race that accepted the humans at the time of their creation, being the first to form an alliance with them.

Throughout history they have played in wars and battles, using their skills to help defeat evil and darkness from all the lands. The most famous elf was named Melenki, who fought against Azugon during the Freedom Wars. Wood-elves have long been allies with the humans, but have not been on equal terms with their kin, the dark-elves or green-elves.


They wood-elves are considered the most beautiful of all races. Being small in height, only a few inches taller than the dwarves, they have bright pale skin, gleaming sapphire or emerald eyes, pointy and smooth features and outstanding figures. 

They often were silks and leathers, with the colours of green, white, silver and blue being their main choice of colour. Due to their years of living in the woods, they are a little confused with anything that they do not understand. 

As the elves get older, they do not actually lose any of their features, or gain any wrinkles, but when an elf is near their end, their skin catches up on them. They can turn into withered people and eventually turn into dust.

Types of ElvesEdit

City ElvesEdit

The wood-elves that live within cities and villiages are largely different from their conterparts. With them being born and raised in a place that requires gold and hard labour, they have become brutal and stern folk. Sometimes they are often compared to the dark-elves due to their agressive behaviour. 

Many of them serve within armies, using their natural talent of archery. Sometimes they are seen as innkeepers or tavern owners, and rarely a Sept. 

Forest ElvesEdit

The ones that people know most, they are what the elves were born to be and often live within the great forests, with their primary city laying within Greatwood Forest. They have had many kings and queens throughout history.

They often disregard their fellow city elves, but always welcome them into their cities. This is mainly because all wood-elves, despite thier nature are meant to live in the woods.

War of KingsEdit

The wood-elves were the last race to enter the great war of old. With their king at the time Safdraen, merging his forces together to try and settle the affair. At first they were not in it for power, or anything else but to settle justice, they eventually were pulled into the dreaded battles. 

Safdraen did not want to abolish their relationship with the humans, so formed an alliance with them. In doing so they combined their armies into the best soldiers and archers, and on the battle and war. After their assistance, Jafier Heartan allowed the elf king to keep his titles and lands, and destroying that of the other kings.

Current StatusEdit

Wood-elves are the only ones with the execption of the humans to have their own monarch. They still live within the forests, and rarely leave. While many of them live in the cities, it is rare to find one. 

Known MembersEdit

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

The wood-elves are the greatest race in all Amsnorth for their mastery over archery. There is no race finer in this skill than them. The theory is that due to their keen eyes, small arms and advanced hearing, is what has caused them to become such excellent archers. 


Although they do not use this skill often, they are no stranger at it. With many elves using daggers and short swords and longswords, they are very quick with an attack. They use this skill in odd ways, using speed, jumping and flipping to confuse their enemies. 

All elves are trained to use swords throughout their lives, nearly as much as bows and arrows, but they do not prefer to use them. Only a few elves have been known to use a sword over a bow: Melenki, Nymeria and Mymera.


Their favoured skill is with the bow. Due to living in the trees, using its woods and animals to help with their
Combat103 woodelf-1-

Elf Archer

use of the bow, they have become the best archers in history. With no other race coming close to their skills. 

Over the years, elves have hunted many animals, which has given them the best title of hunters. Many young elves are given trainning tasks of hunting rare animals and killing them. All elves thrive to be the best in archery, with many competting against each other. 


On a very rare occasion can an elf use magic. One example of this was when Nymeria managed to create a barrier of magic to conceal and protect her city from the outside world. It banishes all enchantments, making a magical being useless within its range. Although Nymeria is not a magical being, she can still use a small amount of magic, but cannot use it for battle porposes. 

In the BooksEdit

The wood-elves are the second main race you see throughout the books. The queen of the elves is seen in every of the upcoming books, with Lymeria eventually becoming one of the main characters.


  • They are inspited by the Chinese
  • They have skin more pale than calk
  • They have their own language called Elvish