Young Yarik
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Tales of Amsnorth
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Tales of Amsnorth novels
Son of the Ki
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Place of Birth
The Eastern Territories
Current Status
Ki-Urik's clan
Ki-Urik - father
Shelba - mother
"Standing next to the female orc was a small male one. He was slightly smaller than Isabella with black hair which reached his chin. Instead of two black eyes, his right one was white. Despite his youth and small size, he still had more muscle than what you would find on a bull. His features were similar to that of the Ki and his fangs were sharp. There was a long sinister tattoo which trailed all the way down his left arm and leeched its way onto his entire left side of his body."
Isabella Mthendale on her first meeting with Yarik.

Yarik is an orc male and the son to the powerful clan leader, Ki-Urik and Shelba. Due to him being born into leadership, Yarik's youth consisted violance, brutallity and torture. His father treated him with a brutal nature, to toughen him up for the day he would become Ki

The young orc spent most of his early life out travelling with his clan, and fighting people for both sport and training. However Yarik was not of a fierce nature like his mother or father, and would often try to spare an innocent life if he could. 

When the human Isabella Mthendale stumbled close to their clan, Yarik was the first one to spot her, and informed his father of her whereabouts. The Ki then sent off Norik and Orik to collect Isabella, but to bring her to him without losing her head. After Isabella was taken to the Ki, Yarik rushed off to greet her, along with his mother. 

Yarik was tasked with giving her a tent and horse, for her to stay within while they passed across the lands to reach the Shard Mountains. The young orc took an instant liking to the human, mainly because of her tough personal.

Travelling to the East, Yarik followed Isabella often, to try and get closer to her. However after the content presting, Isabella eventually accepted the orc, and they would go and hunt together. Yarik found being near Isabella was rewarding and more interesting than sticking with the clan all the time. 

When Isabella left the clan, Yarik was troubled, and during the years that followed he would spent trying to hunt by himself, wishing that she was with him. 

Character and AppearanceEdit

Yarik is a tough and very loyal orc, he cares most for his family and will go to long lenths to make sure they are safe. He can also be very hardy and is always out to prove himself to others. He is also fiercly brave, and has shown so many times when he has put himself in great danger without fear of dying. 

Despite being tough he holds a gentle spot, mainly towards the suffered. Many times during his youth he often tried to persuade his father to spare the life of an innocent if he could.

Yarik stands around the height of 5 feet, his is very strong considering his age, and has strong powerful arms. He is marked with many tattoos as it is in the life of an orc. His has chin length black hair, and has one white and one black eye. 

Early LifeEdit

Born to Ki-Urik and Shelba, Yarik spent the first years of his life fighting. Even before he could walk, his father used to toughen him up by hitting him on occasion. When Yarik was four years old, his father stipped him naked and left him within Greenwood Forest armed with nothing but a stick. Yarik was tasked with surviving on his own, without the clans' protection. 

Yarik pushed past the challenge and came out on top with only minor wounds. Yarik and his father ventured from the clan and into the wilderness, many times to learn of the past of the orcs. Urik and his son would attack small forts and raid farms for food and gems. 

Being DominantEdit

At the age of six years old, Ki-Urik expressed his troubles concerning the rival orc clans. Fearing that they might try and overthrow him and take the clan, Urik took Yarik to face off against his rivals' sons. Yarik was frightened of this, as this would be his most dangerous task yet. He knew that all young orcs, even more so the son of a Ki are trained with the finest of skills. 

The first time he encountered the first orcs from another clan, Yarik found himself being more scared than ever. However his father's rage managed to hold him in place, while he fought against several young Ki's. He managed to defeat and kill few of them, but when a bigger orc came his way he was almost defeated himself. Due to him being the only child of Urik, there was not other sibling to take his place nor protect him if he were to be in serious danger.

Using his training he managed to defeat the larger orc, and show his power by curshing his skull with both his hands, seeing his father to it to a bandit once. This stunned many, and Urik was again feared, along with Yarik. 

Encountering IsabellaEdit

Yarik left his clan for a walk when he heard several noises coming nearby. He spotted a human female fleeing across the land. He rushed back to his father with the news, and the Ki sent out his two best soldiers, Norik and Orik to collect her. At first the Ki wanted her dead, but after convincing him to bring her in, Urik changed his mind. 

Isabella was then brought to the Ki by Orik, who had killed Norik for trying to harm her. Yarik and his mother rushed to the Ki's tent to see the human. The enraged Shelba refused to accept the human, while Yarik found her interesting. 

Bonding with the HumanEdit

During their travels, Yarik begun to have a close bond with Isabella Mthendale. He found the human highly interesting and unusal. Several times he would follow her as she ventured off to hunt, and would often appear to try and assist her. He found hunting with her relaxing and exciting. He also loved hunting without fear of his father throwing him into a thick danger zone. 

Battle in the SandEdit

During their time within the Strands of the Axes, they were attacked by vampires and giant V'ukun Spiders. Yarik demostrated his great skills while in this battle, and went to great lenghts to protect other young orcs along with the female orcs. 

During the battle, Yarik led the orcs across the sands to try and get them away from the battle. Once they had been safely moved, Yarik dishonoured his mother, and charged into the battle, defeating many spiders and vampires. 

After the battle, Yarik noticed how vastly skilled Isabella was, and noted her speed. This made him like her even more, as all orcs crave and respect a good fighter. 

Attacked by SpawnEdit

Around 9 years APD, the clan was attacked by an army of spawn, led by Ezgoth.Yarik, only ever faced spawn in few numbers was scared greatly. His father also feared, as many of the orcs did not possess magical weapons, and would not fare against them with ease. 

The battle was almost unbeatable, with many orcs killed. However Isabella managed to find a way to defeat them because of her knowelage, and this caused many of the orcs to push them back. However Urik was wounded greatly by summoning thunder to thrawt several attacks by the spawn.

At this time, Ezgoth entered the battle and targeted Urik. Yarik rushed to his father side and demostrated great power due to his age, and killed many spawn by himself. It was not unil the orcs begun to become more adapt to killing spawn, did the orcs become victorious.

Isabella LeavingEdit

Yarik knew the time would come when Isabella left, but when the day came he wished for her to stay and remain within the clan. He tried to persaude his father to convince her to stay, but the mission she was her main cause.

When she left, Isabella promised to him and the other orcs that she would return to them for another adventure, which made Yarik hope more.

Into the EastEdit

After Isabella left, the clan moved off into uncharted lands, to try and hide to they would not be found by spawn. Ki-Urik had them set up camp within caves in the mountains, living like their acestors did, the Mountain Men.

For years they remained her, while Yarik would go out and find food and materals. During these travels, he met with many people, and made some enimes. However the young orc had grown into a strong teenager, and was feared around the East. 

As his reputation rose, many other orcs sought to challenge him to prove their own strengths, and Yarik defeated all these people. However the young orc begun to become arrogant, and pushed the thought of Isabella ever coming back. This put strain on him, and he eventually became a bounty hunter.

Bounty HunterEdit

Being a bounty hunter was both an asset to the clan and dangerous. It attracted attention to them, but also enabled them to gain loads of gold and gems. With the gold they were able to buy new clothing and weapons, and even built small houses.

However many people came to seek vengence against Yarik for his duties as a bounty hunter. Even though they would never attack him directly, they often sent assassins to deal with him. But they could never get into the camp without drawing attention from the wolves and horses.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Despite being a young orc, Yarik was as strong as many human adults. He has defeated many goblins and even orcs. He was very tough and was thought not to fear as any other mortal would. His father often left him to fend for himself to set him great challenges.

Yarik was very fast and stealthy for an orc, and could move quietly if he desired and could cover great distances with speed. This was an asset to him when he later became a bounty hunter.


Yarik was very skilled with a sword, and showed this many times. He has managed to kill many goblins, spiders, vampires, werewolves, and spawn. Something many people have trouble to do. He was very strong for his young age, and managed to overpower Isabella Mthendale, an adult human with several swipes of his sword. 

He was also very fast, despite being armoured in steel. This is something every orc suffers from, but Yarik managed to slash and hack faster than any orc he has enountered. 

Hand-to-hand combatEdit

Yarik was extremely strong with his fists. He has killed many people with his bare hands, a prime example when he was tasked with killing other sons of Kis'. He bashed ones head in with his palms, and even knocked one to the ground with one hit. He used his hands when sneaking up on his victims, and his power would make it almost impossible to get out of. 



Yarik's father, but also enemy in some ways. Urik loves his son, as Yarik loves his father, but he was not


treated with kindness during his early years. He beat him, and hit him even as a baby. This was to toughen him up, and make him endure pain.

However they went out onto adventures and attacked forts and farms for sport. When he grew older his father became less hostile, but would often tell him to train even harder as many stronger people would seek to hurt him. 


Yarik's mother, he loved her more than any other person. She treated him with more kindess than his father, and would sneak him food if Urik attempted to starve him. 

Like all mothers she groomed him and did everything she could to ensure he would be safe and out of danger. However not every time did she managed to do this. Even as he grew older, he still held a close bond with her.

Isabella MthendaleEdit

Yarik grew very close to Isabella Mthendale and considered her a member of his clan, despite what the

Isabella Mthendale

other orcs thought of her. He often went with her to fight and hunt animals for food, and fought by her side many times when they travelled.

When she left, Yarik was disconnected, and felt out of place. However he thought for years, and would look off into the wild to see if she would come back.


  • Is the first and only child to perhaps the strongest orc in Amsnorth
  • Stands around 5 feet at the age of 8, and grows to 6.4 by the time he is 12
  • Became a bounty hunter at age 10
  • Has killed over 150 people before he reached 15

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