Zakcumfry Heartan
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Zakcumfry Heartan

Biographical information

Other names
The Whore King, King of Ale, The One who Started it All
Date of birth
TA 275
TA 290 - TA 373
Date of death
TA 373 (98 years)

Physical description

6.3 feet
Hair color
Brown, white (older)
Eye color
Royal House
Nark III Heartan, Heath Lukie, Pyper West, Dozens of unnamed bastards
"Zakcumfry is perhaps one of the most famous Heartans in history. His reputation for cruel, vile actions were known far and wide. He was a cunning and very intelligent man, who was bent on the idea of ruling over everything and all. He was the very first king in House Heartan to become corrupted by his power, and one of two members of his house to have never been named after, the other being Jafier Heartan himself."
―About Zakcumfry

Zakcumfry Heartan, also known as the Whore King (TA 275 - TA 373)was the King of Amsnorth after the treacherous murder of his father, Bilious II Heartan. Zakcumfry is most notably known for being the first member of House Heartan to be considered a tyrant. While not completely vile, he was sadistic and enjoyed torture and above all, his power. 

At an early age he employed the idea of ruling over everything in Amsnorth, and would see this through with the Invasion of the Kraken Islands. A small civil war which broke out, after an independent human tribe were deemed not apart of Zakcumfry's ruling realms. This war, which saw the deaths of countless people, was responsible for the shipping of oil across Amsnorth, through the Human Trading Company.

Zakcumfry increased the lands and territories of his predecessors, and done this by doubling his armies, trading and mining. He became the first human in history to have gained support of every major noble house within the Main Lands. While his reign was not loved by a great deal of people, one who was Safdraen, King of the Wood-Elves found Zakcumfry to be an arrogant fool, and often refused deals and treaties with him. It was not until Zakcumfry forced Safdraen to obide by his rules, did the elf finally agree to accept trade with him.

As the life of Zakcumfry went on, many of his politicains noted that he did not have an heir, while he did indeed father countless bastard children, none of them were able to claim the throne after Zakcumfry. The king was married twice, the first time to Tyanei Foxwood, who he killed shortly after his twenty-second birthday. He would not marry again until he reached the age of forty-seven to, Mari Seabury. Zakcumfry did care for his second wife, but she grew ill only five years after their marriage and died. He did not take another wife after her death, and prefered only to stick to having sex with maids and others who peaked his intrests. However after he age begun to take its toll on him, a boy calling himself Tommen found him. Zakcumfry did not like his bastard son at first, but after a time he grew to care for him, and spoke to the Human Royal Government about legalizing him to become his heir. Tommen was then presented to the Senate and they renamed him, Nark III Heartan.

Now with an heir, Zakcumfry and Nark enjoyed a father-son relationship, and participated in many tournaments across Amsnorth, however shortly after his 98th birthday Zakcumfry died in his sleep. 

Character and Appearance Edit

Zakcumfry was a greedy, cruel and sadistic man. He often beat and sexually abused many of the maids within his castle. He never held any meetinga concerning the outside world, and let his council members rule the kingdom
Young Zakcumfry

Zakcumfry in his youth

while he drank almost everyday. Despite his negative personal, he was very cunning, something he passed down to his ancestor, Harken II Heartan. He was also considered to be highly intelligent and was said to be one of the most skilled beings in mathematics in his generation. He was also a very skilled politicain, and perfered to settle affairs through speech and the use of his charisma rather than warfare. Zakcumfry was considered a tyrant, mainly because of his hate for the poor and his refusal to acknowlage those who were suffering. Due to not caring for his people, and increasing taxies and bills, along with reducing the gold flow to farms and mines, he often saw riots rising against him.

Zakcumfry was a very tall and handsome man, he had broad features and a very kind welcoming pair of chocolate eyes. Like many members of House Heartan after him, he was mostly known for his calm, gentle voice. He enjoyed his status as king, and wore some of the best clothings in the lands. He favoured mainly cottons and large outfits that made him look like a large man.


Early LifeEdit

Born to Bilious II Heartan and Iona Heartan in TA 275 within Markwall, their youngest child, his elder brother being Nark II Heartan. Zakcumfry was named after the ancient human warlord, Zakar Fri Curkas, as his father was a massive fan of him. At a young age, Zakcumfry demonstrated a great deal of intelligence, when he wrote down numbers and equations that even stunned some of the smartest Green-Elves scholars. Bilious II had great hopes for his son, and sent him off to the Green University in Summer of Priests to study mathematics. Zakcumfry exelled at this and graduated within only six years, and then went off to study at the Academy of Magical Beings. He remained there for a short time, before returning to Gran Sarathal to become the Chancellor of the Senate. He was only twelve years old when he became chancellor, making him the youngest person in history to do so, and no one since has managed it.

It was then at this point that Zakcumfry begun to dwell in his powers. He loved the idea of becoming King of Amsnorth one day, and decided he was too good for everyone else. He sexually abused one of the female politicians that worked for him, and he gave birth to his first child before he reached thirteen. He started to turn politicians against each other, by twisiting their minds, and forging false rumours to get some of them expelled or replaced. 

Bilious II Heartan started to see Zakcumfry as a threat, and had him removed as Chancellor of the Senate. This enraged Zakcumfry, who saw to overthrow his father. He started to plot against him, using his charisma to influence others to his cause, claiming he would become the better king, than his weak brother. 

Being KingEdit

When Zakcumfry turned fifteen years of age, he recieved news that his older brother, Nark II Heartan had died of unknown causes. Many have claimed that Zakcumfry himself had a hand in it, but no such thing has been proven.
Zakcumfry newly crowned

Zakcumfry after taking the bloody crown from his father

Upon Nark's death, Bilious II Heartan started that Zakcumfry would not be the next King of Amsnorth, soley because he believed he was not fit to rule. This soon reached the Senate, who saw to back this, and tried to push Bilious II into having another heir.

Zakcumfry decided to move quickly, he knew that if the Senate and the Human Royal Government agreed that Zakcumfry was not sutable to rule, he would be overruled. So when his father lay sleeping, Zakcumfry killed the two guards defending his room, and slit his father's throat while he slept. Once the king was dead, he took his crown and set off down to the Throne Room, and seated himself upon the Throne. He then called the guards that the king was dead, and that the city was to be awoken to see him crowned. 

The entire city was woken up to see him crowned, and not even Zakcumfry himself was dressed for it. He forced the Holey One to present the crown to him, and say the words, before the Senate would say anything about it. And his first action as king, was to have every memeber of the Senate hanged for treason, so that Bilious' ideas would fade away.

King of AmsnorthEdit

Invasion of the Kraken IslandsEdit

"My assault has been successful. The Kraken Islands is now under the ruler ship of the King of Amsnorth. Every man, woman and child will submit themselves to my crown. I am your new king, do as I command, and you will all be treated fairly."
―The text from Zakcumfry's taken over of the Kraken Islands

Being King of Amsnorth was something Zakcumfry always wanted, and he loved the power. He married his first wife, Tyanei Foxwood, and managed to reform the Senate with members of his choosing. He believed he was untouchable and that all surrendered themselves to him. However after he heard news that the human tribes within the Kraken Islands were not apart of his kingdoms, Zakcumfry saw to change that.

After only five years of ruling, he unleashed an invasion on the Kraken Islands, in attempt to force the inhabitants into surrendering themsleves and pledging alliegence to him. While the first assult on the island was not as successful as the next one, Zakcumfry had sent in over 10,000 men to take it over. Within three months the Kraken Islands was under his command.

He then made his trusted friend, Gregory Markelo the Lord of the Kraken Islands , and started to mine the island for rare gems and silver. After he managed to take control over the islands, many lords and highborns saw him as a tyrant, as he had killed many innocent lives in the invasion.

Nark III HeartanEdit

When Zakcumfry was approached again, another woman presented her son to him, claiming him to be his. The king was resistant, but could not deny the boy's resemblance to his own. And that he required an heir to take the throne after he dies. So he took the boy.

Zakcumfry did not give the boy much attention, like his father him, so he was raised by the maids of the castle. Nark III would run into his chambers during the night, in fright of his nightmares, and would always find his father in bed with a woman. The king would tell the boy to wait until he was ready.

Even though the king was harsh of nature, he never mistreated his son, and gave him gifts of sorts, such as toyswords. 

When the boy was of age, he sent him to the Golden Halls to settle affairs with the lord. When the son returned, he informed his father that the lord was hosting a tournament. Zakcumfry packed his bags and left for the Dwavern Kingdom , with Nark.

The TounreyEdit

The king and his son entered the torney together, using their swordplay to fight in rings, and lances on horseback. They both soared through the ranks but Zakcumfry was wounded when he fell from his horse.

Nark won the torney not long after.

The king prasied his son greatly after that day and decided to teach him about being king.


Zakcumfry died at the age of 98 years old, thus making him one of the longest lived human kings in history. His son Nark III took the throne when he was 30 years old.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Zakcumfry was skilled in swordplay, but was not considered a fighter. However he did fight in battles for sport, often wielding the kings' legendary sword, Dragonheart.